George Chaffey designed the Psyche Bend pump in 1889. It was based on the design for a paddle steamer engine. It was built by Tangye’s of Birmingham, in England. It was transported in pieces by ship, train and paddle steamer to the site and the Psyche Pump Station was completed in 1891. It was a triple expansion engine, generating 1000 horsepower. It had four 1 metre diameter pipes which sent up to 670 tonnes a minute of water into Kings Billabong. Originally steam was provided by the Paddle Steamer Jane Eliza. In 1892 this was replaced with a purpose built boiler, housed in a separate boiler house. The water was pumped Kings Billabong. Two further pumps at Kings Billabong and Nichols Point were added to raise the water high enough to send it by gravity along a system of channels to every block in the colony.

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