People’s Stories

The Prep curriculum covers personal and family stories. Students learn about origins and place in their family stories. This would include the legends and stories told by Indigenous people to establish their identities. They will consider broad questions such as:

  • What is my story?
  • What stories do others tell about their past?
  • How are stories told?

All history is made up of stories. Students are introduces to story-telling at a very early age. In the English Curriculum, Narrative Text is introduced along with the various genres – oral stories, fairy stories, legends, fables, true stories and make believe are all part of the rich language experiences. A very good starting point could be ‘How Did Mildura Start, Grandma?’ written by Fay Mannes. Children could share their own stories. Teachers and students could construct their own class stories from their Chaffey Trail Experience. A visit to Rio Vista could lead to a story on the ‘The Chaffey Children.’

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