Years 1 & 2

The Chaffey Trail Education Program is for Years 1 & 2 and relate to the VCAA History Curriculum

Year 1 – Past and Present

The Year 1 curriculum covers concepts of past and present, and changes in how people have lived. Students learn about similarities and differences in family life, considering the present and the past. This could include the differences between traditional and contemporary life in Indigenous families. They consider broad inquiry questions including:

  • What happened and when?
  • How do we measure and describe time?
  • How can we show the past is different from the present?
  • How has family life changed over time?

All of the Chaffey Trail sites would support this theme. The Unit of Work ‘TOY WORLD – Toys of the Past’ and a visit from ‘The Magic Toy Chest’, available through the Chaffey Trail Education Officer would certainly support activities at this level.

Year 2 – Heritage

The Year 2 curriculum deals with the concept of heritage. Students should learn about the heritage of their locality. This should certainly include Indigenous heritage and pre-European heritage sites. They will consider broad inquiry questions including:

  • Why do you think the past is important?
  • How can we learn about the past?
  • How can we preserve the signs of the past? 

A visit from the ‘Chaffey Chest’ or use of ‘The Chaffey Trail Virtual Museum’ can be arranged through the Chaffey Trail Education Officer. Most of the Chaffey Trail sites could support this theme. An excursion, particularly to Rio Vista is recommended. Excursion Guides for all sites are available.

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Rio Vista

Mildura Station Homestead

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