Years 3 & 4

The Chaffey Trail Education Program Years 3 & 4 and how it relates to the VCAA History Curriculum

Year 3 – Community and Celebrations

The Year 3 curriculum covers the history of the students’ local community, region state or territory, ways of life in the present and past, and one or more heritage sites. Students learn about the historical significance of celebrations, commemorations, symbols and emblems including Indigenous examples of each of these. They consider broad inquiry questions including:

  • Who lived here first?
  • How has our own community changed over time?
  • Why do we choose to remember particular events?

The Unit of Work ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ was especially developed for studies at this level. It compares the development of two communities – Upland and Mildura and looks at the similarities and differences, particularly in relation to lifestyles and celebrations. There are a range of resources including old fashioned games and activities which schools can borrow to conduct their own traditional celebrations. Once again excursions to any of the Chaffey Trail sites can enrich students experiences.

Year 4 – Australia Before 1800

The Year 4 curriculum deals with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies in the locality, region or state – and European exploration and colonisation throughout Australia up to the 19th Century. They will consider broad inquiry questions including:

  • What was life like for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people before the arrival of Europeans?
  • What was the nature of the contact between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and early settlers?
  • What were some of the results of such contact?

It is strongly recommended that an Aboriginal speaker is included in this study. These can be arranged through your local Koori Education Support Office (KEDO). The Unit of Work ‘Towards a New Dreaming’ has been developed specially for studies at this level and is available through the Chaffey Trail Education Officer. There are also a number of resources available to schools, and a number of excursion sites including Mildura Station Homestead, Merbein Common, and the ‘red cliffs of Red Cliffs’.

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