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The Chaffey Trail is the story of how the Mildura region became an irrigated oasis in the midst of an arid land (Australia’s first irrigation colony). In exploring aspects of this story, students are able to immerse themselves in a journey of discovery, with key historical themes and enhanced learning through excursions to a range of connected and historically significant sites. It is a wonderful opportunity to engage students in learning beyond the classroom. These teacher resource units have been written for Primary School teachers to use with students from Prep to Year 6.

The resources are free to use/reproduce and consist of four units of work. Each unit is aligned to the VCAA Victorian History Curriculum F – 10 and consists of lesson plans, excursion suggestions, teacher notes, student handouts and source material.

This resource collection is a result of the dedicated work of The Chaffey Trail Reference Group. Lynda Robertson, a local history teacher, has developed the resources along with input from LaTrobe University Bachelor of Education students.

Further information can be obtained by contacting (03) 5018 8100 or emailing explore@thechaffeytrail.com.au 

We appreciate curriculum is always being revisited and updated and we welcome any feedback and contributions.

Units of Work


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