Suggested Tour Itineraries

The Chaffey Trail consists of 12 connected and historically significant sites. Explore the development and immerse yourself in the history of the region by following a series of self-guided tours. These have been designed for both locals and visitors alike.

You will discover heritage sites, buildings of interest and learn about the events and people who created this unique community. Take your time and enjoy the hospitality, climate and beauty of the Sunraysia region.

About the tour

Take a stroll down picturesque Deakin Avenue and enjoy a range of historic sites.

Designed by the Chaffey Brothers as a replica of Euclid Avenue in their Ontario ‘model colony’, Deakin Avenue originally aimed to connect Mildura with its twin-city – planned to be near present day Koorlong – with a tramway along the centre plantation.

Due to problems with the early colony, this did not occur. The avenue remains a magnificent dual thoroughfare, and an impressive entrance to Mildura. It also hosts many important institutions and much of the rich architecture that demonstrates the cultural diversity of the district.

About the tour

Take a walk on the ‘east side’ of town. The plan for Mildura was based on the Chaffey’s Ontario Colony – they even used the same compass directions.

Euclid Avenue ran north-south, whereas Deakin Avenue runs east-west. Therefore, the east side in Mildura is really south, and the west side, north.

Whatever the direction, this walk will take you past some of the most significant structures and buildings in the district. Many of the cottages have been restored to their original condition. The ‘east side’ was proudly the residential area for workers, while the ‘west side’ was for the more privileged classes – and Deakin Avenue the dividing line.